Additional Properties Needed

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Additional Properties Needed

Post by dennishays » Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:19 pm

I am evaluating SP4 while currently using Roboform. Currently, I have successfully imported my login credentials and I see no problems there.

However, I use Roboform Identities and Safenotes extensively. The identities use is minor, but the Safenotes hold quite a bit of information, including various credit cards for both me and my wife and a collection of registration/serial numbers for the various software licenses. These, I update regularly, especially when upgrading, but I do need to refer to them.

I can't see any way to store this information where I can perform any kind of lookup. Is it there, but I'm not seeing it, planned for ther future, or not being considered?


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Re: Additional Properties Needed

Post by petr.pinkas » Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:18 pm

Hi Dennis,

we're really happy that you're switching from Roboform to our product. Unfortunately we don't have such a feature implemented yet, but it is planned to include it in one of our next versions. But, if you want, you can store this kind of information in form of Comments.

Go Manage Database and select appropriate account, press Edit tab and in the account editing dialogue you can choose Comments and wrote there anything you want.

It is not the best solution, but I hope it will be at least a little helpful for you.
Petr Pinkas
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