How to manage trusted devices

You can view all trusted devices linked to your StickyAccount by logging in to the StickyAccount on our website. The implicitly displayed first tab called Dashboard contains section Trusted Devices.

Here you can see the list of trusted devices and date/time when each device was granted access. By clicking on the pencil icon next to the devices name you can rename the device. You can also disable access of the given device to your (StickyAccount) cloud account by removing it from the Trusted Devices list - click on „Remove device“ button.

Please note that the devices authorization policy depends on your authorization setting which is to be found in the StickyAccount tab called Settings - section Authorization. Available settings are:

  1. Authorize any device (default setting)

    Any device/browser with the correct StickyAccount credentials (StickyID and Master Password) may synchronize databases and/or access your StickyAccount. No secondary authentication (next to StickyID and Master Password) is required. With this setting, removing the device from the Trusted devices list will have no influence on devices access. Access will be granted based just on StickyID and Master Password.

  2. One-time PIN

    A PIN as a secondary authentication (next to StickyID and Master Password) is sent to your StickyID (e-mail) or Alternative e-mail (if specified) and must be entered after your StickyAccount credentials (StickyID and Master Password) have been entered. Once the PIN has been entered, the device will be added to the trusted devices list.

  3. No new devices

    No new device (i.e. any device not included in the trusted devices list) will be allowed to connect to your StickyAccount. Even if correct credentials (StickyID and Master Password) would have been used for connection.

Because you can access your StickyAccount in different ways (e.g. direct connection from Sticky Password application on Win/iOS/Android OR web access via StickyAccount using your browser) your list of trusted devices may contain and reflect all these ways/channels. This means that you might end up with a few duplicates of one computer in the list (e.g. one direct access from the Sticky Password Windows application, one web access via StickyAccount using your FireFox browser, another web access via StickyAccount using your Chrome browser). On top of the devices name you can also use the icons and operating system logos to identify the channel/device.

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