How to Add New Logins to Your Accounts - Step by Step

In a previous tutorial, I showed you how Sticky Password helps you by offering to add new logins for your existing Web Accounts automatically. Today, I'll show you step-by-step how to add a new login on your PC. (For those times when you need the details!) sp_tuesdaytutorial_multiple-logins-desktop-Mar-1 Click the Sticky Password icon in the lower right corner of your screen and select Open Sticky Password. multipleLoginsDesktop1 In the main window click Web Accounts. multipleLoginsDesktop2 Here you can see all your web accounts. Select the Web Account that you want to add a new login to. multipleLoginsDesktop3 Click the little pencil icon and select Add Login. multipleLoginsDesktop4 Enter the new Login and Password and click Add.   multipleLoginsDesktop5 Now you can see that you have 2 Logins for your Facebook Account. multipleLoginsDesktop6 If you need to edit your account or one of your logins, click the pencil icon and select Edit. multipleLoginsDesktop7 Click the down arrow next to the Logins field to expand the selector. You'll see the complete list of logins for your Facebook web account. Select the login that you'd like to edit. multipleLoginsDesktop8 One of the logins can be set as your default login. Just check the Automatic Login box for that login. The automatic Log-in option is now enabled (when checked). In our example, this means that when you visit Facebook (, the smithjohn login will be used as the default and you will be logged in automatically using this login. When you have several logins to an online account that you use equally often, you may prefer to disable the Automatic Log-in feature - it’s up to you. By turning off this feature, you'll be prompted to choose the login that you would like to use when you visit the website. To enable Automatic Log-in, check the check box and click Save. multipleLoginsDesktop9 Congratulations! Now you can have Sticky Password handle your accounts with 2 or 5 or more logins!  

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