Sticky Password is now integrated with Safari on your MAC!


Sticky Password now works with the Safari browser on your Mac. Today we’ll take a look at how to install the Sticky Password extension for your Safari browser.

Installing Sticky Password on your Mac for the first time

Install Sticky Password and follow the instructions during the first run wizard. You’ll be prompted to select the browser(s) you’d like to use with Sticky Password.

Make your selection and click Continue.


After installing Sticky Password, please skip to the following part of our tutorial.

Sticky Password is already installed and running on your Mac

Unlock Sticky Password and select Preferences...


Click Browsers.


Select Safari to launch your browser.


In the Safari browser, click the Download arrow in the top right corner.


Select SP_Safari-8.safariextz from the list of Downloads.


Click Install.


That’s all there is to it! The Sticky Password extension for Safari is now installed on your Mac.

Adding a new web account.

Using Facebook as an example, simply enter your email (login) and password into the appropriate fields as you normally would when logging in, and click the blue Log in button.


After clicking on the blue Sign-in button Sticky Password automatically prompts you to save a new Account for your Facebook account. Click Add new Account.


Your Facebook Login and Password are now securely stored in Sticky Password and ready to use! The same will happen whenever you login on sites that aren’t stored in Sticky Password, yet. Simply enter your credentials and Sticky Password will prompt you to save them to the database.

The next time you go to a website where you have an account, Sticky Password logs you in automatically. When you have multiple accounts for a site, a bubble will appear next to the login form showing you the available logins.

Just choose the credentials you want to autofill.


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