Storing Other Info in Sticky Password

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We received a great question recently on Facebook from user Annette asking: Is it possible to enter and store information other than login and password with my accounts?

Sticky Password is great at storing all sorts of data and information that needs to be kept secure, or even just has to be available for easy access whenever you need it. I occasionally get that question from customers who want to know about storing more info than the standard Username/Login and Password for their accounts.

I’ve decided to create a quick tutorial for everyone who needs a refresher on this handy Sticky Password functionality to show you 3 Ways of storing additional account data.

Adding comments to your Web and App Accounts

In addition to the Login and Password data stored for all your Web and App Accounts, Sticky Password lets you enter additional information in the comments section for each Account.

To get to the comments section of one of your Accounts, simply double click the Account you want in the Accounts menu.

Then click the Setup button

You’ll be able to define the default browser as well as enter info in the Comments section. It’s a great place to store extra info about an account. Once you've entered the info, click OK to close the dialog.

Don't forget to click Save when you're finished with any changes to the Account.

I use comments for almost all of my Accounts like storing the secret answers to security questions and more. Reminder: make the answers to your security questions tricky, so that other people who know you won’t guess them! Storing the answers for each of your accounts in the respective Comments section is the best way to have them ready whenever you need them.


Sticky Password let you store information about yourself that’s used for online form filling and shopping online. Things like your name, address and credit card information can be stored securely to give you 1-click form filling.

Sticky Password recognizes when you are filling in a form and will prompt you to use an existing Identity or to create a new one.

Identities save you time and the frustration of having to enter and re-enter data on different sites, as well as making sure there are no typos.

Secure Memos

Another great way of storing all sorts of data from your passport data and frequent flyer memberships and other IDs to the security settings on your WiFi and other devices are Sticky Password Secure Memos. Pick one of the convenient templates or simply enter the data you need to store, and Sticky Password will remember it for you. Find out more about Secure Memos.

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