Database Clean Up with Groups - Mac Edition


Do you like having everything nice a tidy? I know I do! With the latest build for your Mac we bring the possibility to create groups. Now all your data can be grouped into logically related groups. Let's take a look how to create groups, for example, with Web Accounts. I'll show you how to create a new group and how to move an existing Web Account into created group.

Creating a group

Open the Sticky Password main window and click + Add Group.

Enter a name for your group and click Save. I will create the following groups: Shopping, Email, Forum and Social Media.


Moving Web Accounts into a group

Select the Web Account you would like to move into a group and click Edit.


Click into the Parent group field. A list of the groups you have created will appear. Select one of them and click Save.


Now you can move all your Web Accounts into groups. And just like that, you've cleaned up your Web Accounts!

That's all there is to it! 5-creating-groups-on-your-mac-step5-cleaned-up

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