How to Restore Your Sticky Password Data (Desktop Edition)


In the previous tutorial, I showed you how to restore your database from the cloud. This can be very useful if you take advantage of the secure sync and/or backup features of Sticky Password. But what about those of you who prefer our options to use local sync (WiFi) and backup only – how can you restore your Sticky Password data if you need to?

In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how to restore your database if you’re not using the sync feature at all, or are using only local sync and backup. In both cases, you can restore your data from your hard disk. Click the Sticky Password icon in the lower right corner and select Open Sticky Password.


Click Menu in the top right corner and select Settings.


Select the Database tab.


In the Database path section click Browse.


You’ll see a list of encrypted backups that Sticky Password has made over time. Select the backup you would like to restore, and click Open.


Then click Save in the Settings window.


That’s all there is to it – your Sticky Password data is restored based on the earlier!

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