The Experts’ Choice

Over a million users have selected Sticky Password as their password manager of choice since 2001, because password management – making your online life easier without compromising your security – is our only goal. Since 2010, Sticky Password has also been selected by security leaders like Kaspersky Labs, Imation, SPAMfighter, and others to power elements of their solutions.

Why Focus on Passwords?

Time Lost

Lost or forgotten passwords are the most common reason for calls to support desks.

Money Lost

Online bank and credit card accounts are the most frequent target of online thieves.

Identity Lost

Overly simple passwords cracked by hackers are the biggest cause of identity theft.

A Growing Concern

The average Internet user creates one new password-protected account every week.

We Know Our Business

Sticky Password has been built from the ground up by people who live and breathe usable security every day. Business development and sales professionals from AVG Technologies joined forces with Sticky Password founder Alex Tischenko in 2009 to create Lamantine Software and make “set and forget” password management technology to the world.

The innovative minds that introduced free anti-virus software more than a decade ago are poised to be equally disruptive to the password management industry.

Tell your friends about Sticky Password and help Florida’s endangered manatees

For every sale of Sticky Password, we’ll donate a percentage of the proceeds to the Save the Manatee Club.

Why manatees? Because our company was named for them. “Lamantin” is French for manatee. And well, because we just love them. How can you not?

Manatees are native to the waters around Florida, where the burgeoning human population is endangering these gentle, ancient, and graceful creatures. Many animals are scarred by boats that come too close, or overly disturbed by divers attempting to interact with them in the water. The Save the Manatee Club is dedicated to helping these beautiful creatures live their lives in peace, untroubled by humans. Find out more at