A bulletproof vest for your passwords

The 4 key reasons why Sticky Password is absolutely secure

Your master
password is
known only to you. No one else

We never save it on our servers or send it over the Internet. By default, we don’t even save it on your devices. It only exists in your head.

The hackers’ nightmare: AES‑256

The data encryption used in Sticky Password is based on the world’s leading encryption standard AES‑256 – the same data encryption used by military and government organizations.

Sticky Password Only

Offline data sync – via local Wi‑Fi or manually

One of the optional benefits of Sticky Password: you don’t have to synchronize only via our cloud servers. The synchronization can be made over local Wi‑Fi or manually – your encrypted data never leaves your devices.

Sticky Password Only

Key biometrics:
fingerprint scanning

No other password manager offers more in terms of biometric support of fingerprint scanning than Sticky Password.

Want to know all the details? See our Security White Paper

We are a leader

in the use of biometric authentication

Fingerprint Scanning

Identity verification of the account holder can be made with just one swipe of a finger. We support fingerprint authentication on iOS and Android phones and tablets that are equipped with fingerprint scanners. This includes Touch ID on iPhones and iPads, and the Samsung Galaxy and other Android devices.

Two-Factor Authentication

Increase the security of your data by enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). When activated, you’ll be prompted to enter an additional unique security Code after entering your Master Password each time you unlock your database.

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