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Editor Rating: Excellent

“Sticky Password Premium does everything you'd expect from a password manager and more. New biometric authentication and no‑cloud Wi‑Fi sync make it an even better choice.”

Editor Rating: Excellent

“Sticky Password Premium delivers an intuitive, fast and secure environment for managing all your passwords from a single place.”

  • “I still think that Sticky Password is the best password program around – better than Norton – I have actually disabled the Norton password reminder feature.”

    Andrew Grill, CEO at Kred, London, United Kingdom

  • “For every site I log into, I create a 16-character randomly generated password using Sticky Password. No password reminders to put me in harm’s way!”

    Luc Ippersiel, Security enthusiast and all-round geek, Canada

  • “We are cooperating with Lamantine for 5 years now and these guys are just great.”

    Andrey Lyashenko, Graphic designer and web developer at HedDex, Ukraine

  • “Love this app. I tried several password managers and this one is definitely the best ever!”

    Clemens Plachetka, ordinary user

  • “I like this software very much. It's very easy to use, with a small footprint, and it’s very useful for password protection. It provides all the privacy we need - I love Sticky Password!”

    Abdul Wahab, Government Computer Operator, Pakistan

  • “I tested many password managers but Sticky Password is the most intuitive program of its kind. Now my work is more comfortable and safe.”

    Mateusz Matera, Founder and CEO of, Poland

  • “Extremely capable Windows and online password manager, with a recently added iOS and Android apps. Continues to improve with each new version.”

    Manish Patel, Founder and CEO of, Canada

  • “I finally got around to taking care of my passwords. I use Sticky Password because it’s secure, easy to use, and I know I’m safe!”

    Mike Jenkins, Owner - Crepe Guru

  • “Sticky Password gives me what I need: strong passwords, auto form filling, great security and best of all it’s convenient to use.”

    Jim Cordeira, Business Consultant

  • “I’ve tried lots of password managers and Sticky Password is the most intuitive program of its kind.”

    Pat Ferdinandi, Entrepreneur

  • “Sticky Password rescued me from having to remember all my passwords. Sticky Password is the best solution I’ve found.”

    Vadim Kovalkov, Student & Beginner Programmer

  • “I have been a Sticky Password Pro user since version 5 and have never (ever!) been disappointed. I’ve tried a few other password managers, but none come close to Sticky Password. Happy to be part of the Sticky Password family.”

    Jeff Hershkowitz, Retired Mathematics and Computer Teacher

  • “I don’t often rave about software but I’ve been using Sticky Password for a few years now and love it. Its even better now I can open it up on my phone.”

    Stephen Price, Software Developer

  • “Sticky Password is a powerful password database and execution app that saves the user a ton of time when accessing password protected web sites.”

    Richard Lane, Productivity Consultant

  • “For me Sticky Password is the most useful password software I have ever used. And I have tested nearly all of the managers that are around.”

    Sebastian Claus, Network Operations Center Administrator/Engineer

  • “This is an excellent program to protect your passwords.”

    George Gruszecki

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