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Editor Rating: Excellent

“Sticky Password Premium does everything you'd expect from a password manager and more. New biometric authentication and no‑cloud Wi‑Fi sync make it an even better choice.”

Editor Rating: Excellent

“Sticky Password is a professional security tool with rich features for storing passwords to online accounts, applications and identity information in a single place.”

“Sticky Password is a robust and easy-to-use password management software solution designed to help users manage and keep a bevy of passwords for safe, secure, and hassle-free login across multiple web services and websites”

  • “I still think that Sticky Password is the best password program around – better than Norton – I have actually disabled the Norton password reminder feature.”

    Andrew Grill, CEO at Kred, London, United Kingdom

  • “For every site I log into, I create a 16-character randomly generated password using Sticky Password. No password reminders to put me in harm’s way!”

    Luc Ippersiel, Security enthusiast and all-round geek, Canada

  • “We are cooperating with Lamantine for 5 years now and these guys are just great.”

    Andrey Lyashenko, Graphic designer and web developer at HedDex, Ukraine

  • “Love this app. I tried several password managers and this one is definitely the best ever!”

    Clemens Plachetka, ordinary user

  • “I like this software very much. It's very easy to use, with a small footprint, and it’s very useful for password protection. It provides all the privacy we need - I love Sticky Password!”

    Abdul Wahab, Government Computer Operator, Pakistan

  • “I tested many password managers but Sticky Password is the most intuitive program of its kind. Now my work is more comfortable and safe.”

    Mateusz Matera, Founder and CEO of, Poland

  • “Extremely capable Windows and online password manager, with a recently added iOS and Android apps. Continues to improve with each new version.”

    Manish Patel, Founder and CEO of, Canada

  • “I finally got around to taking care of my passwords. I use Sticky Password because it’s secure, easy to use, and I know I’m safe!”

    Mike Jenkins, Owner - Crepe Guru

  • “Sticky Password gives me what I need: strong passwords, auto form filling, great security and best of all it’s convenient to use.”

    Jim Cordeira, Business Consultant

  • “I’ve tried lots of password managers and Sticky Password is the most intuitive program of its kind.”

    Pat Ferdinandi, Entrepreneur

  • “Sticky Password rescued me from having to remember all my passwords. Sticky Password is the best solution I’ve found.”

    Vadim Kovalkov, Student & Beginner Programmer

  • “I have been a Sticky Password Pro user since version 5 and have never (ever!) been disappointed. I’ve tried a few other password managers, but none come close to Sticky Password. Happy to be part of the Sticky Password family.”

    Jeff Hershkowitz, Retired Mathematics and Computer Teacher

  • “I don’t often rave about software but I’ve been using Sticky Password for a few years now and love it. Its even better now I can open it up on my phone.”

    Stephen Price, Software Developer

  • “Sticky Password is a powerful password database and execution app that saves the user a ton of time when accessing password protected web sites.”

    Richard Lane, Productivity Consultant

  • “For me Sticky Password is the most useful password software I have ever used. And I have tested nearly all of the managers that are around.”

    Sebastian Claus, Network Operations Center Administrator/Engineer

  • “This is an excellent program to protect your passwords.”

    George Gruszecki

  • “StickyPassword is a well performing password manager. The encryption algorithm ensures high security. Sticky Password comes with several features like synchronization, secure memo, identities and several others that make using the software very easy.”

    Dadson T - Anonymster Editor

  • “Sticky Password is one of the most secure and versatile password managers out there. This password manager is useful for almost anyone. Because of the cloud as well as the offline use, there is no reason for the skeptics of cloud password managers to not get a password manager anymore.”

    A.C.M. Louwers, Founder of

  • “Sticky Password software is the best software to manage the passwords of all your accounts.”

    Nitesh Sharma, Founder of Made Stuff Easy

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