Getting over the password hurdle

Like physical keys, passwords are supposed to be a tool that lets you in, while keeping others out. Many folks, though, see passwords as just a personal obstruction when they access their own accounts. To overcome this, they choose easy-to-remember and otherwise bad passwords. They think they’ve overcome the hurdle of their passwords, when in reality, all they’ve done is trade security for temporary convenience. What if your passwords didn’t give you fits, but protected your accounts while keeping others out?

Our friends at RouterCheck published our blog Getting Over the Password Hurdle, and we thought you might enjoy it.


Are passwords a hurdle to you when you’re online? Does your pulse go up at the very thought of having to create and remember another password, or do you have peace of mind knowing that each of your accounts is protected by a unique and strong password?

All too often, we find that people who don’t have a systematic approach to passwords think of their own passwords as a hurdle to doing what they want to do online – and not as the key to the lock that keeps others out.

Thinking of passwords as the keys for our accounts is helpful, but for most us, that’s where the analogy ends. Just like a key, a password is supposed to “let me in.” We don’t think twice about adding another key to our collection when it comes to new keys for a new car, or to the apartment or house when we move, but we hate the idea of having another password.

Whatever your relationship with passwords, it’s just about impossible to avoid them in today’s 24/7 online world.

The fact that you’re reading this suggests that you are aware of the importance of security and want to do something about it. Kudos to you! With that in mind, here are 3 things to help you get over your password hurdle.

1- Passwords aren’t supposed to be easy to remember.

That may sound weird, but – in terms of security …

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