Shelly Palmer: Sticky Password adds security (and convenience) to your login

We visited with the Shelly Palmer team at CES. Here’s Joey Lewandowski’s take on password security with Sticky Password.


Cyber security is a mess right now. Does anyone really feel safe about their passwords? I know I don’t. Even worse, there’s a sense of hopelessness that makes me question why I should create secure passwords — it’s too much work to remember them, and the sites I create them for are bound to get hacked sooner or later.

Lucky for us, there’s Sticky Password. The company’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Tomáš Kučera, stopped by our booth at CES last week, and we started talking about cyber security. I’ve written about Sticky Password on here before (like when the company added biometric authentication at the beginning of December), but talking to Tomáš let me fully understand the power of Sticky Password.

Available as a stand-alone application on Windows, PC, iOS and Android, Sticky Password saves all of your website logins in a secure database. You can try Sticky Password Premium for 30 days for free at You can use Sticky Password forever for free, but you’ll be missing out on one of its best features: cloud syncing.

A lifetime license for Sticky Password Premium is $49.99, but is available through a special promotion for $24.99. That premium version adds cloud syncing, which makes life so much easier. The premium version encrypts your data locally, then shares your credentials to all of your devices through Sticky Password’s cloud. Or, if you’re worried about cloud security, you can sync your credentials over your local Wi-Fi network. (And a lifetime license covers all of your devices, so you don’t have to worry about buying a new version for everything you own that connects to the internet.)

Another one of Sticky Password’s coolest features is “Identities,” which helps save you time by not making you fill out forms over and over again. Sticky Password can keep your mailing address on file, for instance, and can auto-populate those fields on new websites with a single tap. That’s super convenient.

To try out Sticky Password for free — or to dive in and upgrade to the premium version for life — head over to the company’s website today.