Cookies and how we use them

We work with cookies on our website, which helps us to improve our services and personalize our offers. Cookies remember how you work with your browser on the given device. As a result, the website works for you and is able to adapt to your preferences.

Blocking certain file types may affect your user experience with our site, and may impact the offers we are able to provide based on your preferences.

Types of cookies


These cookies are necessary for the functionality of the website, such as the correct display of the website, consent settings, etc., and therefore cannot be turned off. They do not store any personal data.

Performance & analytics

Performance cookies collect anonymous information about the visited sites and the visitor's movement on the website. These cookies serve to improve the functioning of the website and allow us to customize the website and improve its use.

Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies help us to create relevant and interesting commercial messages for you. Without these cookies, you will continue to see commercial messages, but they will not be relevant to you.

These terms and conditions apply to all processing of cookies within our website. Standard web browsers support the management of cookies. Within the browser settings, you can manually delete, block or completely disable the use of individual cookies.