Using autofill with Firefox on your Android device


Sticky Password works with the Firefox browser on your Android. Let's take a look at how to enable and use the Sticky Password extension for your Firefox browser.

Enabling the Firefox extension

  1. Run Sticky Password and tap the menu button in the top right corner.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Select Autofill in external apps.

  4. Tap the switch to enable the Sticky Password add-on in Firefox.

  5. Tap OK.

  6. Tap Allow.

  7. Tap Install.

  8. Once it's installed, you can check your Sticky Password Add-on. Click the menu button in the top right corner.

  9. Select Tools.

  10. Select Add-ons. When successfully installed, the Sticky Password plugin will appear here.

  11. The overview of your installed add-ons will be displayed. Note:

    • When the text of the Sticky Password add-on is displayed in black (as it is in the picture below), it indicates that that the add-on is enabled and working correctly.
    • When the text of the Sticky Password add-on text is grayed-out, it is disabled. To enable the Sticky Password plugin click on it and tap Enable.
    • In both cases, the lock icon will be in color.

Sticky Password is now integrated with your Firefox browser and will autofill your data whenever you need it to.

How to use the Firefox extension to autofill your data

  1. Open the website where you want Sticky Password to fill your username and password and tap the color Sticky Password logo icon in the login/password field. This will launch Sticky Password so as to unlock the password database.

  2. If you have set additional app protection in Sticky Password Settings (App Protection - Auto-Lock Delay - When leaving app), you will be prompted to enter your Master Password to access the Sticky Password database.

    Enter your Master Password and tap Unlock.

  3. If you have more than one login for a web account (e.g., tap the name of the account that you would like to use to login.

  4. Select the login you would like to use for autofill.

That’s all there is to it!

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