Get the portable USB password manager

  • Create a portable copy of your Sticky Password for Windows with all its secured data.
  • Save it on your USB flash drive, external hard‑drive or even a memory card.
  • Access your encrypted data on any Windows computer — at work, school, the library...

“You can use the USB‑based tool to log in to your saved sites just as you would the regular version of Sticky Password.”

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Here's why you shouldn't store your passwords in a simple text file on your USB.

  • Because the text files are not encrypted. If you lose your USB, anyone can access and use all of your passwords.
  • Because only with the portable password manager can you take advantage of autofill & autologin.
  • Because only with the portable password manager can you securely access and instantly use all your credentials, credit cards and secure memos.
Richard Lane, Productivity Consultant
“Sticky Password is a powerful password database and execution app that saves the user a ton of time when accessing password protected web sites.”
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