Announcing Sticky Password 5.0

Hello you guys and gals!

After all the hard work, mainly also on your part, our kind Beta testers and customers, we are releasing today a brand new Sticky Password 5.0 Version! Hurray, quite excited about it, obviously!

We know, you say – hey everyone has a new version almost once a year, there will be nothing special about it – but actually, we think there is in SP 5.0! We did listen and included features that will not only make your computer and work online more secure, but more importantly even more convenient, fast and easy. So what are some of the things that we put into the new version? Here you go:

The new SP 5.0 creates and stores strong passwords for you – well, you know this, but we made the creation of passwords even more sophisticated and added some cool features to this part of the app. What we are relay proud of is that you can use even more secure storage options with the Secure Memos feature, and we also added a password collaboration tools for small offices and work groups. And of course, your personal privacy will be protected from identity theft as you take advantage of the convenient password management and form filling functionality.

Now many of you asked us and here you go – Sticky Password 5.0 supports Google Chrome.

SP goes where you go and the synchronization between USB and the application on your PC has been made even simpler! And we still set the pricing tone in the industry – each license includes the portable version and installs easily on your USB device or flash memory stick, so you’ll always have your passwords wherever you need them.

Well, those are just the highlights! We are sure you will find many other important tweed and shortcuts and other cool things that you will like in the new application, so feel free to discuss them here. And yes – we are continuing to work on other things so please, do not stop to providing us with the feedback we so much value!

Your Sticky Password Team