You can securely export your Sticky Password database on Mac in 3 simple steps. This is very useful when you need to share your login credentials with a family member or co-worker in a safe way, or if you want to backup your Sticky Password data manually.


Export your database

  1. Click File in the menu bar and select Export Database…


  2. Now you can set a filename for your exported file and select the destination folder in the Where field and click Export.


  3. Set the password that will be used to protect your exported data and click OK.

    If you plan on sharing the protected file with someone, keep in mind that you’ll have to tell the other person the password for them to be able to access it, so make sure it’s a unique password that is NOT your Master Password.


That’s it! Your encrypted export file is ready for you in the destination folder. You can work with it or send it via email.