How to unlock unlimited fun, savings, and privacy with your VPN while traveling

Traveling keeps us busy with sights, selfies, and so much new stuff we just have to see and do. But there’s so much more you can get if you know the right tricks. Here are seven ways your VPN can help you save money, have unlimited access to your favourite entertainment and be invisible online while traveling.

Unlocking fun, savings and privacy with your VPN while traveling.

Be safe on public WiFi

We’ve all been there – roaming around an unknown city trying to find free WiFi. However, connecting to a public WiFi network you find in a café, hotel or restaurant has its risks. If you don’t want anyone snooping on and watching your online activity or even reading your conversation, we strongly advise you to connect to your VPN before using the WiFi.

Keep your online search history private

Search engines store data about your search history and your IP. That’s’ why using a VPN will help you search anonymously for whatever you need, without showing it in your history, by simply going through the encrypted VPN tunnel.

No eavesdropping on your home calls

Nothing disconnects you from your daily routine as much as going on vacation does. After all, that’s why we love and need to travel. However, a moment of vulnerability is all it takes to affect your privacy. That’s why, if you use Skype to call home or to have an update from your workmates, you can make sure nobody else is listening to your conversation by using a VPN service.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Pictures, conversations, file sharing – there’s no need to worry about privacy when you should be relaxing. Everything is completely safe because your identity is 100% protected by the VPN. Nobody will be able to see your activity, no matter what corner of the world you’re in.

Get the best flight deals

Based on cookies they store, airlines websites can detect when you are really interested in booking a flight and most times they increase the fares if you return to check them again. Let’s say you are looking for a local flight for your vacation in Thailand. If you access the airline website using a Thai IP, you will most probably get lower fares than using an US or European IP. You can actually save hundreds of euro using a VPN that will only cost you a couple of Euros.

Have unlimited access to your favourite TV shows

Since you’re paying for your Netflix subscription even when you’re traveling, why not make the best of it? Wherever you might be, you can always change your IP and watch your favourite movies and TV shows after a long museums marathon.

Work remotely without any restrictions

Some countries might have a completely different internet than what you’re used to. This may be due to restrictions imposed by the government, by the hotel you’re staying at or other factors. That’s why, if you need Google, Facebook or other restricted websites for work, you might not be able to access them. By using a VPN you can bypass all these restrictions and avoid any unplanned issue that might come up at the office.

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