Is your antivirus software protecting you against keyloggers?

Every device plugged into your PC has the potential to be used for logging activity!


Keyloggers have been around for decades, and they have evolved beyond simply tracking keystrokes. Threats today are as varied as they are numerous. While simple keyloggers are used to capture your keystrokes, more advanced malware can silently turn on your webcam, record a video and upload it to a remote location without your knowledge.

Anti-virus software relies on a ‘virus signature database’ for their threat protection. If a keylogger is not known to the anti-virus, then it will remain undetected. Anti-virus software according to various research you can find on the web, detects not more than 25% of actual malware. In other words, anti-virus software protects against most notorious threats. There is a whole Black Hat world, where programmers develop spyware for their own use. Malware created for specific, small to mid-size targets remains basically undetected forever. Even the commercial keylogger vendors are offering custom-builds, which are completely undetectable by anti-virus software.

Protecting against modern zero-day malware requires an entirely different approach. Instead of monitoring for specific known threats, real-time behavioral protection software should thoroughly monitor the system for malicious behavior and block it accordingly.

Recently, all anti-virus software vendors started to include “Real Time Protection” modules in their products, and they all have one thing in common – they effectiveness is very low. This lack of protection against modern keyloggers is a result of the design of those security suites – they have started their lives as anti-virus tools first-and-foremost. Anti-virus software is not meant to interfere with your activities with alerts.

This is exactly why we have been developing SpyShelter for over 6 years now. SpyShelter Anti-Keylogger constantly monitors crucial areas in your system and instantly alerts you about every suspicious action. This way our software is capable of stopping keyloggers, trojans and other malicious applications from hooking into your system, without using any sort of signature database – SpyShelter relies completely on detecting specific behaviors. And even if you allow a keylogger through SpyShelter, it will get only scrambled text, because SpyShelter is the only application in the world that encrypts keystrokes of all applications on Windows kernel level.

If you are looking for the best possible security software combination on your PC, make sure you use SpyShelter together with your anti-virus. A solid antivirus program combined with SpyShelter’s sturdy real time protection against zero-day threats will help you to maintain your privacy. In the end, you are in charge of your own security – we deliver the finest tools to help you manage it.

By Bogdan Siemienowicz

Bogdan Siemienowicz is Brand Manager at SpyShelter. Follow SpyShelter: Twitter @SpyShelter and on Facebook.