Passwords, everyday!

You use passwords everyday:

  • sending email,
  • shopping online,
  • staying in touch via Facebook, Twitter, and your other social media,
  • banking online,
  • making new contacts via LinkedIn,
  • calling grandma over Skype,
  • checking your children’s grades,
  • updating this week’s fantasy football roster,

and on and on…


You can’t escape them, because just about everything you do online requires a login and password. But, if you’re like most people, you only think about passwords when you’re facing another login screen. (After all, who wants to think about passwords all day!?)

So, how do you deal with your passwords?

We all have a system for our passwords (a spreadsheet, writing them down, trying to remember them all), but is your system keeping you safe online and making it easy for you to use your strong passwords?

A recent survey of security experts revealed that using a strong, unique password for each account is critical in their own security practices. A password manager is your best bet to keep all of your passwords under control.

We’ve created Sticky Password for just that purpose: to enable you to have strong, unique passwords for the accounts you use everyday, as well as all of the ones you only use once in a while.

And if that’s not enough, Sticky Password

  • allows you to use your passwords on ALL your devices
  • has best-in-class sync options include cloud sync, your own local WiFi, and NO syncing
  • has been helping people just like you with passwords for 15 years

Get Sticky Password to protect yourself with strong passwords everyday!