PC Magazine: Sticky Password has more sync options than other password managers


From the Reader Input section of the January Get More Done in 2015 Edition of PC Magazine.

Manage Passwords In Just One Place

I read your reviews on password managers, but I still have a concern. Which ones are standalone apps? I do not want my app to be connecting to the cloud or on a server somewhere. I want all my information only in my iPhone and nowhere else.

Ronald Simpson

For this we recommend Sticky Password 7 (stickypassword.com). Sticky Password has more sync options than any other password manager I’ve seen. You can sync to encrypted storage in the cloud if you want. You can set it to sync directly across your home Wi-Fi network, device-to-device, with nothing stored except on your devices. And you can choose to keep all data local, regardless of which type of device you’re using.

Neil J. Rubenking, Lead Security Analyst, PC Magazine

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