The importance of protecting your identity

You’re taking all the right steps to keep your passwords from falling into the wrong hands. Great! But are you putting the same effort into protecting your identity? sp_importance-protecting-identity-oct-26

Your risk of identity theft can vary, depending on variables that may not even occur to you like which state you reside in to where you park your car at the airport. While you may think that it’s unlikely that your identity will be stolen, news stories about data breaches and hacking have us all looking for a way to help protect ourselves from identity theft.  Luckily, there are identity theft protection service providers that can help you take proactive steps in your theft prevention.

But what can identity theft protection offer you?

A wide variety of security features

While your banks can monitor your specific account for indications of fraud or theft, they are often limited to examining only the cards and accounts under their bank. If someone has access to your name or other personal information they could apply to open a credit card or a loan in your name without your consent.

Identity theft protection entails a wide array of services that expand beyond the bank monitoring. Including public record and address monitoring services can help you become alert to certain activity that may indicate fraud in connection with and beyond your credit files. Other services like access to credit reports, lost wallet protection and mail list removal can help you take preventative steps towards your identity protection.

Help if your identity is stolen

Unfortunately there is no foolproof method for preventing ID theft, but identity protection services can help you take positive steps towards protecting your identity. Offering recovery assistance is a key feature that will come in handy should you become victimized by one of these thieves.

Identity theft protection can be complicated‚ so it’s inevitable that you’ll have questions throughout your relationship with this service. If there isn’t a dedicated team available to talk to you when you need clarification or help‚ you simply aren’t getting the best identity safeguards possible.

Getting a leading protection service.

If you really want to protect your identity‚ it is helpful to have an extra set of eyes on your side. By monitoring certain data points, companies like Identity Guard can alert you when they detect certain activity that may indicate fraud, giving you a head start as you freeze fraudsters out of your accounts.

Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to protecting your personal information

About Identity Guard

Identity Guard is a proactive identity and credit monitoring service that delivers premium solutions to help busy families and individuals take control over their personal and private information. Our services help educate and empower individuals to protect themselves from the growing threat of identity theft with premier identity protection and credit monitoring solutions. Identity Guard is provided by Intersections Inc. (NASDAQ: INTX), which, since 1996, has protected more than 47 million consumers. To learn more, visit