World Password Day 2015

May 7 is World Password Day.

If you’re one of those people who are asking themselves, why there’s a day dedicated to passwords, then this message is for you!

The reason for World Password Day is simple: to raise awareness of strong passwords to protect yourself online. Because sometimes, we all need to hear good advice more than once before we take action.


Do you have a systematic approach to passwords? If so, then good for you, you’re ahead of the curve! The fact is, though, most folks have to be reminded many times before they decide to get serious about their passwords.

Too many people take positive action only after they’ve been hacked, or after finding out about an attack on a family member. With others it was hearing from Edward Snowden about the frailty of personal privacy in the face of government organizations, or an exploit of a big-name vendor.

With others still, it was a news story, or an educational article like this one.

World Password Day is the collective effort of security companies, journalists, as well as average people around the world to help you begin acting responsibly with your online accounts and to practice good password hygiene.

It’s because we each come to good habits in different ways that make World Password Day all the more important. What’s it going to take for you to change your approach to passwords?

Here are 3 ways that Sticky Password is helping drive awareness this World Password Day!

Sticky Password will be participating in the World Password Day Twitter Chat (#ChatSTC) organized by Stay Safe Online. The live one hour chat will begin at 3pm Eastern Time on Thursday, May 7. We hope you’ll join us for the chat!

To celebrate World Password Day, Sticky Password will be available at discounted prices on May 7. Take advantage of this special 24 hour offer to get your lifetime license!

Here are some tips for good password hygiene:

Use a unique password for each of your password-protected accounts. Bad guys count on people using the same password on multiple sites. Whenever a site is successfully hacked, they try to access other accounts using passwords from the hacked site.

Choose length over complexity. Your motto for good passwords should be ‘long and strong’. Longer passwords are better than short complex passwords. For example, “ItsbeenAhardDaysnightAndIvebeenWorkinglikeAdog” is better than “jk492e”.

And don’t use personal information in your password. Using your pet’s name or your favorite football team are holes that hackers can find and take advantage of.

Pay attention to breaches and hacks. And when a breach does occur, take action to protect yourself by changing your password(s) and following the vendor’s safety advice. You don’t have to become an expert to be able to help yourself and the ones you love.

When it comes to safety, paying attention to your online environment is just as important as your physical surroundings.

Use a password manager. It really is hard to keep all those strong password for each of your online accounts all sorted in your head, or even on a piece of paper. A password manager creates, stores and even enters all those strong, unique passwords for you – all you have to remember is your one strong master password.

In the end, you are responsible for your security. You can’t afford to ignore passwords in the hopes that they will go away, or that the bad guys won’t notice you.

Do your bit to raise awareness of World Password Day by sharing this message with your friends and family. Discover everything Sticky Password can do for you.