Can I edit the Quick Access list in the Sticky Password for Windows?


The Quick Access tab in the Sticky Password User Interface window includes two tabs:

Favorites – this tab contains a list of your most-used or favorite accounts. Accounts are added according to the frequency of usage of each Account via Sticky Password. Accounts can also be added manually by selecting an Account in Web accounts tab - pencil symbol - Make Favorite. You can set the length of this list in the main user interface window - Menu – Settings - Miscellaneous under List of recently used items. Your favorite accounts will then be displayed in the system tray menu and the Caption Button menu by default. It can be customized in Settings - Miscellaneous.

Warnings – this list includes all your accounts that have weak or expired passwords. All of the listed accounts can be edited while in this tab. It is possible to turn the Warnings feature off on this tab.

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