Sticky Password for Android — the specifics


We try to keep the user experience as similar as possible across all the platforms. Still there are some differences as the mobile devices and mobile operating systems are specific and have some limitations compared to desktop computers. The usage of the mobile Sticky Password, compared to the desktop version, has the following specifics.

Sticky Password for mobile devices allows you to:

  • Create, modify and access all types of sensitive data (Web Accounts, App Accounts, Bookmarks, Identities and Secure Memos) whether the user is at home, in the office or on the move.
  • Open and fill automatically login and password into user’s websites using our embedded Sticky Browser, Firefox or Dolphin browser.
  • Fill login and password into 3rd party browsers and also applications using our unique Action Button.
  • Create a new or connect to an existing Sticky Account so as to enjoy the online synchronization and backup services and sync user’s data across all supported devices (Android, iOS, Windows) if connected to given Sticky Account.
  • Set preferences when and how the user wants to synchronize the database. For example only when a WiFi network is available, during start of the application or manually only (Auto Synch On Launch setting ON or OFF).
  • Access your data even if the user is currently not having the internet access (offline access).
  • Create a PIN code in addition to the Master Password, so as to speed up unlocking of the database. In such a way the user doesn’t have to enter the complex Master Password each time the phone or tablet switches to sleep mode or the Sticky Password application goes to the background (its running but not visible, for example when the user wants to pick up an incomming phone, text or open another application and then return back to Sticky Password) and locks itself so as to keep the data secure.


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