What's the difference between using Sticky Password and the password saving feature in browsers?

Access to your passwords on all your devices and all the browsers you use

Unlike the password saving and auto-complete features of web browsers, which are limited to the websites accessed through only that specific browser, Sticky Password makes your passwords available when surfing the web on all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and others) and not just the browser you used to create a password account.

What's more – with secure synchronization, your passwords will be available to you on all your devices. Most browsers just can’t offer that. And, with support for many of the programs that you run on your computer every day, Sticky Password is there for you even when you aren't surfing the web!

Your passwords are more secure in Sticky Password

Sticky Password offers the extra security of being able to easily lock and unlock access to your passwords! You'll have the comfort of being able to leave your computer unattended without having to worry about your passwords being misused. The Sticky Password database is encrypted using the military‑grade AES‑256 encryption algorithm. It is much easier for bad guys to hack browser files than it is for them to break into your encrypted database.

Sticky Password helps ensure that your passwords are strong and secure with the built-in password generator and strength gauge! And, Sticky Password can remember multiple passwords for a single account, which is not possible with browser password managers.

With Sticky Password, you get all of these features and more in a single application! And, all you have to do is remember 1 password!


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