Using the Autofill feature on your Android device.

In order to allow you to take full advantage of Sticky Password functionality, we’ve included our own embedded browser in the Sticky Password App for Android. (This was necessary because of legal restrictions on add-ons and plugins for the default mobile browser – Chrome by Google.)

In this tutorial, we’ll cover the Sticky Password browser. (I’ll cover the Android Floating Window in another tutorial.)

Using Sticky Password’s embedded browser

In Sticky Password select the Web Account you want to launch. Tap Launch.


Select Sticky Browser.


Now tap the blue button in the upper right corner to auto-fill your Username and Password and log you in.


Another option for using Autofill is to use Floating Window to copy&paste your credentials (login and password) into the respective fields.

One of the differences of Floating Window is that it can be used with any mobile application including the default browser.

I’ve covered autofill with Floating Window in another tutorial.