Social media websites are a hotbed for cybercriminals looking to take advantage of consumers with lax password security. People who participate in these channels on a regular basis may find themselves a victim of identity theft or other fraudulent activity if they are not careful.

People with ineffective passwords are prone to Identity theft

People with ineffective passwords are prone to Identity theft

Members of the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden said that many consumers are putting their sensitive information at risk with ineffective security practices. The team found that too many users have common credentials like “123456” or even “password” as their passwords, which is just what sophisticated hackers are hoping for.

“Our results indicate that bad password strategies may be ‘taught away’, or that there would be a point in having good password strategies and online safety taught in primary or secondary school to increase security awareness,” the researchers explained.

Cybercriminals show little sign of slacking the immense pressure on consumers worldwide. Rather than use identical passwords for their social media websites, bank accounts and other channels, people should practice effective security measures. Industry professionals encourage the use of a password manager to keep sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. One of the most tedious aspects of password security is simply remembering different phrases. A password manager generates credentials so people no longer have to endure such annoyances, while simultaneously gaining greater protection when browsing the internet.

A recent survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute for Nok Nok Labs found that consumers often fail to complete online transactions because they forget key information. Overall, roughly half of respondents said they cannot remember passwords, usernames or answers to security questions. Rather than experience such frustrations, people using a password manager no longer have to endure such struggles.

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