How to activate your Sticky Password Premium License Key?

Thank you for choosing Sticky Password Premium. Now that you have your Sticky Password Premium License Key, you’ll need to activate it to get all the Premium benefits for the duration of your license period.

What do I get with Sticky Password Premium?

  • The ability to synchronize your data across all your Sticky Password installations on different platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS). You can switch between cloud sync or local WiFi sync at any time.

  • Secure backup of your encrypted database using our cloud storage services.

  • Premium access to our support team.

  • Your purchase of Sticky Password Premium allows us to support endangered manatees.

Make sure Sticky Password is installed on your device

In order to activate your Sticky Password Premium License Key, you’ll first need to have Sticky Password installed on your device.

  • If you are installing Sticky Password for the first time (this means you don’t have a StickyAccount, yet) - you will need to double click the installation file and follow the steps in the First Run Wizard, or check out our tutorials for installing on Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS.

    You will receive 30-days of Sticky Password Premium benefits for free. So you can activate your license any time during this introductory 30-day period.

  • If you already have Sticky Password installed (this means you already have a StickyAccount) - there’s no need to reinstall it, simply follow the steps in the Activating your license section.

What does the Sticky Password License Key look like?

  • Your License key is a 18-character code separated by dashes into three 6-digit blocks consisting of capital letters and numbers with the following format: DXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX.

  • If you purchased Sticky Password via our website, your License Key will be sent to the email address you entered when you purchased Sticky Password Premium. If you purchased Sticky Password from one of our partners, you will receive a License Key from them.

  • If you purchased Sticky Password over Google Play or iTunes (in-app purchase), then your License will be activated automatically on all of your devices. In this case, there’s nothing more for you to do to activate your License.

Activating your license

After you have installed Sticky Password on one of your devices, please follow the steps below to activate Sticky Password Premium.

  1. Go to and sign-in to your StickyAccount. Your StickyAccount was created as part of the installation process. To log in to your StickyAccount, you will need your StickyID (email) and your Master Password.

  2. On the Dashboard tab in the My license section, click the Enter new License Key link.

  3. Copy your License Key from the confirmation email you received when you purchased Sticky Password.

    This can be done by highlighting the entire License Key in the email, then copying it to the clipboard by simultaneously pressing CTRL+C, or while hovering the cursor over the highlighted text, click the right mouse button for the options menu and selecting copy.

  4. Paste your License Key into the New License Key field that pops up. With the cursor in the License Key field, this can be done by simultaneously pressing CTRL+V, or clicking the right mouse button for the options menu and selecting Paste, and clicking Apply.

  5. Your Premium license info will then be securely delivered to all the devices connected to your StickyAccount, i.e. all your other devices will be activated automatically.

You can also insert your License Key directly into Sticky Password on your device. Use the Enter License Key or I have a License Key options available in the application for activation. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet when activating your Sticky Password license.

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