Your security online is made up of little things that each and every one of us CAN manage. Much of protecting yourself involves paying attention and being aware of what you are doing when using your computer. Even the settings that you use for your computer and security programs are designed to allow you to make a reasonable decision based on the way you use your computer. The few minutes of paying attention while installing your security software can make all the difference. Know what the software is doing for you, so that you’ll be able to recognize when something strange is going on.

A password manager is there to do for you those things that take up your time and really are an effort. Creating strong passwords for each website and keeping them straight in your head isn’t easy. And it does take time to use them. We recommend Sticky Password, but whether you use a password manager or not, you should be aware of the basics of safe passwords: unique strings of letters and numbers that can’t be guessed for each site and purpose. And, of course, don’t share your passwords with anyone.

And, as has been written in this blog before, DON’T believe everything you read. That’s generally true, but on the Internet, you are likely to be overwhelmed by offers. If you wouldn’t accept the offer from someone on the street, then there is even more reason to reject it from a mysterious someone who wants to share riches with you. Your odds of winning the lottery are better than getting ‘your share’ of the millions of dollars.

Review these general security tips and you’ll see that protecting yourself is something that you CAN manage.