A bunch of you have already sent emails asking about the photos being posted on the Sticky Password facebook page. We’re starting a photo series on facebook that we’re calling ‘Sticky Password in real life’. The idea is for Sticky Password customers to submit pictures from all over the world showing how they use Sticky Password, or anything with the Sticky Password logo anywhere: near a landmark, under a waterfall, in your apartment or the local library, at your 2nd cousin’s wedding – anywhere! Or, even something simple like writing Sticky Password in the snow with pine cones. 🙂

Join us by sending a photo showing YOUR real life with Sticky Password to photos@stickypassword.com. Don’t forget to include your name and where you took the picture so that we can toot your horn for you. (Legal stuff: by submitting your photo, you agree that Sticky Password can post the photo on facebook and use it in any way that we’d like to promote Sticky Password.)

We look forward to posting your photos!