Setting ignored websites on Mac


Sometimes you need to disable automatic form-filling for specific websites. For this purpose, Sticky Password offers our Ignored Websites feature that lets you customize functionality for the websites you visit.

What is the Ignored Websites list

Sticky Password's Ignored Websites list is the list of websites that you create for sites that you do not want Sticky Password to interact with. Automatic login will be disabled for websites appearing on this list. In addition, Sticky Password will not display the automatic prompt asking you to create an account or add another login on these websites. Adding a site is easy.

Adding an Ignored Website

  1. Click Sticky Password in the Mac menu bar and select Preferences...

    Setting Ignored Websites on Mac - Click Preferences.
  2. Click the Ignored Websites tab.

    Setting Ignored Websites on Mac - click Ignored Websites.
  3. Click the + sign in the lower left corner of the window.

    Setting Ignored Websites on Mac click plus symbol.
  4. Enter the url address you want to be ignored and click Add.

    Setting Ignored Websites on Mac - enter url.

Removing an Ignored Website

Of course, you can remove any site from the list at any time. Select the website you would like to remove from the Ignored Websites list and click the - sign in the lower left corner of the window. Sticky Password will now interact with the site.

Setting Ignored Websites on Mac - click minus symbol.

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