Today, I’d like to review some basic rules for working with Sticky Password that will help keep your data secure and ready whenever you need it.


Use a strong Master Password and remember it.

  • Your Master Password is the key to your encrypted database.
  • A strong password is long and strong and not easy to guess!
  • This is the only password you will need to remember, and it is critical that you do not lose or forget this password.
  • Your Master Password is not stored anywhere – so we are not able to ‘resend’ it to you, and we cannot ‘reset’ it.
  • Without the Master Password it is not possible to unlock and access your password database or to use Sticky Password.
  • If you need to change your master password, check our tutorial.

Use strong passwords for all your accounts saved in Sticky Password.


  • Check the password strength of your existing accounts. Go to the Sticky Password Main WindowQuick AccessWarnings. If you are using a weak password, you’ll see a red alert in the Warning column. Information about password expiration can be found in the same place. Find out more about Warnings and Password reminders here.

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Lock Sticky Password whenever you are away from your computer. Restricting unwanted access to your passwords and database is a critical component of protecting your personal data. Find out more about locking and unlocking Sticky Password on your Windows PC here.