Autofill on apps on your Android device – the Action button


When you have a choice of accessing e.g. Facebook or Twitter or other sites via a browser or using the associated app, you'd probably prefer using the app on your Android device. Sticky Password can make it easier to fill your login and password even in apps.

Linking Web and App accounts

First, let's have a look at how Sticky Password makes it easy to link Web Accounts and App Accounts on your Android. This means that any changes that you make in one of them will be reflected in the other one (so, if you make a change in the App account, it'll show up in the Web account - and vice versa).

  1. If you have a web account for e.g. Facebook already created in your Sticky Password database, and you also have the Facebook app installed on your Android device, simply run Sticky Password.

    Sticky Password will automatically (notification at the bottom of the screen) offer to link your Web and App accounts – in this case, for your Facebook account. Tap Launch.

  2. Tap the switch to link your Facebook web site login (Web Account) with the Facebook app login (App Account).

  3. Tap Save.

  4. Now, let's see how it works. Tap App Accounts.

  5. Here you can see your new app account saved in Sticky Password's App Accounts. The App Account for Facebook is now linked with your Web Account for Facebook. Now, when you tap Launch, your external Facebook app will be launched.


How to use the Action button

  1. When you launch the app (e.g. Facebook) directly from Sticky Password's App Accounts, your external Facebook app will be launched and the Action button will appear automatically. Tap the Action button.

  2. Tap the Login icon to copy your login to the clipboard.

  3. Now you can paste it in the appropriate field, so long tap the first input field (login) and tap Paste.

  4. Tap the Password icon to copy your password to the clipboard.

  5. Now you can paste it in the password field, so long tap the second input field (password) and tap Paste.

  6. That's it! All that's left is for you to do access your app is to click Log In.


The Action button lives in the Notification area

You can use the Action button for other apps, too! For app accounts already stored in Sticky Password, simply run the app, for example Twitter, and swipe down to reveal the notification bar. The Sticky Password action button lives here!

  1. Swipe down to reveal the notification bar. Tap Show Action Button.

  2. Unlock Sticky Password with your Master Password so as to be able to access the password database.

  3. The Sticky Password Action button appears and is ready for use!

  4. How to turn off the Action button in the Notification area

    1. Tap the Menu button in the top right corner of Sticky Password and select Settings.

    2. Tap Aufofill in external apps.

    3. Tap the switch next to Status Bar Notification to deactivate.

    4. If you’re using the Sticky Password add-on in Firefox, a warning message will appear, because turning off visible status bar notifications also disables support for browser extensions. Tap OK.


    That's it! We hope you'll enjoy the Action button on your Android device.

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