Basic safety rules for working with Sticky Password


Find below some basic rules for working with Sticky Password that will help keep your data secure and ready whenever you need it.

Use a strong Master Password and remember it

  • Your Master Password is the key to your encrypted database.
  • A strong password is long and not easy to guess!
  • This is the only password you will need to remember, and it is critical that you do not lose or forget this password.
  • Your Master Password is not stored anywhere—we are not able to ‘resend’ it to you, and we cannot ‘reset’ it.
  • Without the Master Password it is not possible to unlock and access your password database or to use Sticky Password.
  • If you need to change your master password, check our tutorial.

Use strong passwords for all your accounts

  • Use a password generator when creating new accounts. More about the password generator can be found in our tutorial.

    Use Sticky Password generator

  • Check the password strength of your existing accounts. Go to the Sticky Password Main WindowQuick AccessWarnings. If you are using a weak password, you'll see a red alert in the warning column. Information about password expiration can be found in the same place. Find out more about warnings and password reminders here.

    Checking the password strength of your existing accounts in Sticky Password on your Windows PC

Lock Sticky Password

Lock Sticky Password whenever you are away from your computer. Restricting unwanted access to your passwords and database is a critical component of protecting your personal data. Find out more about locking and unlocking Sticky Password on your Windows PC here.

How to lock Sticky Password on your Windows PC

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