How to import your passwords from Dashlane on Windows


Sticky Password can import your passwords from several password managers. Let’s take a look at moving your Dashlane passwords over to Sticky Password in two easy steps.

Exporting passwords from Dashlane

To start, you’ll need to export your passwords from Dashlane.

  1. Open Dashlane and click File - Export - Unsecured archive (readable) in CSV format.

    Open the Dashlane and click File - Export.
  2. Enter your Dashlane Master Password and click OK.

    Enter your Dashlane Master password and click OK
  3. Select the location where you would like to save your exported file, enter the file name and click Save.

    Note: the Dashlane export file is in CSV format which is not encrypted. As always with anything involving your passwords, it’s important to delete the unencrypted file right after you import it into Sticky Password – where all the data will be stored in encrypted format.

    Enter a name and click Save

Importing passwords into Sticky Password

  1. Click the Sticky Password icon in the lower right corner of your screen and select Open Sticky Password to open the main Sticky Password window.

    Open Sticky Password Main window
  2. Click Menu in the upper right corner and select Import.

    Select Menu - Import
  3. Click Other password managers and applications.

    Click other password managers.
  4. Select Dashlane and click Next.

    Select Dashlane.
  5. Select the Dashlane file you exported above, and click Open.

    Select the Dashlane file you exported above, and click Open
  6. Click Import all.

    Click import all.
  7. Data import has been successfully completed. Here you can see the number of Accounts, Bookmarks, Secure Memos and Identities that were imported.

    Data import has been successfully completed.

Congratulations! Your passwords, bookmarks and other data exported from Dashlane are now stored in the Sticky Password database and ready to use. Now that your passwords are safely in Sticky Password, make sure to delete the CSV file!

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