How can I uninstall Sticky Password on Windows?


To uninstall the Sticky Password application on your Windows computer, go to the Start menu in Windows (typically located in the lower left corner on the computer desktop) – select Programs – then locate and extend the Sticky Password menu – click on Uninstall Sticky Password.

When uninstalling the Sticky Password application, you will be asked whether or not you want to save your password database on the computer:

Answering "Yes" will delete only the application and keep your database and settings on the computer as described below. You’ll want to choose this option in most situations, such as when installing a different build of Sticky Password.

Answer "No" to delete all Sticky Password files from the computer. (Note that files that have been moved manually, or that have been deleted and are in the Recycle Bin must be deleted manually.) Then click "Yes" on the next prompt to confirm that you really do want to remove all of your data from the computer. You might choose this option if:

  • you are giving your computer away or preparing to dispose of the computer,
  • or, if instructed by the Sticky Password support team as a necessary step to fix a configuration error
  • or if you have forgotten your Master Password and need to reinstall with a completely different StickyAccount.

Note that access to your passwords and all the data stored in the database file is only possible through the Sticky Password application using the Master Password that was used to create the database.

As such, after uninstalling the Sticky Password application from your computer, it will not be possible to access the passwords in the password database until Sticky Password has been reinstalled, and only when the original Master Password is known! Note that if two-factor authentication (2FA) has been activated for the StickyAccount, you will also need the code sent to your StickyID (or alternative email address, if saved in your account).

Even if someone were to come across this file, they cannot access its contents without Sticky Password and your Master Password - and, if you have set it for your StickyAccount, the 2FA code. Your encrypted password database remains secure against unauthorized access!

If you ever need to access your passwords from this database in the future, simply reinstall Sticky Password on your computer. The database file is stored in your user profile folder:

Backup files: In addition, when uninstalling Sticky Password, the database backup files aren't immediately deleted. Instead, they are moved to your computer's Recycle Bin. This gives you an additional layer of security, ensuring you don't accidentally lose crucial backups. If you're certain you don't need them, you can empty the Recycle Bin. But until then, they remain there as an extra safeguard against unintended deletion.


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