How to restore data from your cloud backup

Have you ever accidentally deleted or changed one of your accounts stored in Sticky Password? No worries! In this tutorial, we'll show you how you can restore the account and get your data back.

The secret is that Sticky Password automatically creates encrypted backup files before it makes any changes to the password database.

  1. Go to and sign in. Click the My Account tab. 1-blog-how-to-restore-your-database-step1-my-stickypassword

  2. Scroll down. 2-blog-how-to-restore-your-database-step2-my-account

  3. In the My Account - Restore section you will find a list of saved databases. Click the small down arrow and select the database version from the cloud you'd like to use. (Note that the restored database will be synched to all of your trusted devices.) 3-blog-how-to-restore-your-database-step3-select-version

  4. Click Restore. 4-blog-how-to-restore-your-database-step4-restore

That's it! The selected database version will be synchronized across all your devices.

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