How to add an alternative e-mail

Did you know that you can add or change your alternative e-mail for your StickyID? Using an alternate e-mail address for communication can be handy when you have multiple e-mail addresses and want to use one of them for communication with your Sticky Password account - including one-time PINs, all of which will be sent ONLY to this e-mail address.

  1. Go to and sign in. Click the MyAccount tab. 1-how-to-add-alternative-email-step-1-dashboard

  2. In the Alternative e-mail section click Change. 2-how-to-add-alternative-email-step-2-myaccount

  3. Enter your alternative e-mail address and click Save change. 3-how-to-add-alternative-email-step-3-email

  4. That's it! Now all communications, including one-time PINs, will be sent ONLY to this e-mail address. 4-how-to-add-alternative-email-step-4-added

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