How to manage your trusted devices

In addition to providing the strongest password protection available, Sticky Password gives you another level of security by allowing you to define the devices that you use Sticky Account with.

Manage your trusted devices

  1. Login to Scroll down to the Trusted devices section. Here you will find a list of your trusted devices, you can see all the devices that you use with Sticky Password, as well as the browsers you use to access your StickyAccount. Sticky Account - trusted device

  2. It’s a good idea to check your list of trusted devices from time to time. Are you still using all the devices in the list? Devices you’re no longer using should be removed. (You can remove devices that you know you won’t be using now but may use in the future.) Simply click Remove device. The list of trusted devices.

  3. Click Remove. Click remove.

Keep your device authorization under control

  1. Go to the My Account tab - Authorization section. Click to my account tabb

    You’ll see three options:

    • Authorize any device: This setting allows you to access your StickyAccount on any device/browser with the correct StickyAccount credentials. You’ll be able to synchronize databases and access your StickyAccount on any device.
    • One-time PIN: when selecting this authorization method, a PIN will be sent to your StickyID (e-mail address) or Alternative e-mail (if specified) whenever a request to add a device to your StickyAccount is made.
    • No new devices: When you select this setting, only those devices already listed in your Trusted Devices are allowed to connect to your StickyAccount. No new devices will be allowed to connect to your StickyAccount.
  2. For security reasons, we recommend using the second option One-time PIN. It’s an easy way to increase your personal security.

    The PIN will be sent to your StickyID or Alternative e-mail (if specified) after your StickyAccount credentials have been entered on a new device (each time you'll try to connect a new/unknown device to your StickyAccount). Once the PIN has been entered, the new device will be added to the trusted devices list.

    You can find more info about the one-time PIN here. Authorization methods

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