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It’s high time to put your passwords in order, keep them under your ultimate control and enjoy digital safety with our secure password manager. Find out how to make the most out of Sticky Password with our step-by-step beginners guide. Let’s get started!

  1. Choose your device

    Either it is laptop, mobile phone or tablet — the Sticky Password application is available on any gadget and desktop. Choose your preferable one to start the installation process and later you can add the rest of them. Learn more about how to install the application on your device.

    The Sticky Password app is a native application — which means that you install the app on your devices.

  2. Create your StickyAccount

    StickyAccount is your unique identifier that enables you to start using the Sticky Password license, manage all its settings and communicate with our technical support team. Creation of the StickyAccount is part of the installation process. All you need to do is to:

    • enter your StickyID — this is your valid and active email address;
    • create a strong and unique Master Password — the only password that you have to remember as it is not stored anywhere and no one except you will be able to use or reset it. This is the key to access your StickyAccount and all its data on any of your devices.

    Learn more about the StickyAccount and its functions.

  3. Take care of your privacy

    Sticky Password not only safely stores your encrypted password database, but also gives you the freedom to choose the way you would like your data to be stored and synchronized between your devices:

    • in the highly secure Sticky Password servers in the cloud;
    • on your local Wi-Fi network.
  4. You can even disable the synchronization, so that all your data will be kept only on your device(s).

    Whatever you choose, your password database always stays encrypted and protected from back door access. Not even our technical support can reach the data stored in your StickyAccount.

    To strengthen your digital protection we have added a Dark Web Monitoring service that can be enabled during the installation process or any time later in the application. Find out more why it is important to protect your data from bad guys dwelling in the Dark Web.

  5. Choose your browser

    Start with your favorite browser. Add more whenever you want. We care for all your preferences and needs, so the Sticky Password extension is available not only for the admitted favorites such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge, but even for anti-tracking DuckDuckGo and highly secure Tor Browser.

Using Sticky Password

Now that your user account is set up, it’s time to let Sticky Password work for you. Log in to the Sticky Password app whenever you are online and visit sites using your favorite browser(s): Sticky Password will recognize when you are logging in to websites, or need help filling in forms.

Sticky Password will log you into websites, help you when creating new accounts, keep you safe from scam websites and much more. The Autolock delay function can lock the database based on the time you select to make sure that prying eyes don’t see what they shouldn’t.

  1. Import your passwords

    Now that Sticky Password is ready you can start using all its perks. To ease the process import your passwords from:

    • browsers;
    • other password managers.
  2. Add Accounts and Identities

    Sticky Password safely keeps your Web and App Accounts as well as Identities.

    There are 2 options to add a new Web Account to the StickyPassword:

    Learn about how to add your application Account.

    💡 Tip: to check the strength of your existing passwords and generate more secure ones you can use the password generator. This tool also lets you know about re-used passwords and helps to deal with them.

    Save or add a new Identity in the application to simplify your further registration on different websites. You will not have to enter your data to online forms — Sticky Password will do it for you. Learn more about how to add a new Identity.

  3. Add more devices

    Once you activate the Sticky Password License on one of your devices you can add more of them. There are no limitations, so it can be a computer, smartphone, tablet or several at the same time. All you need to do is to authorize your Trusted Devices on which you installed the Sticky Password application. Learn more about how to add and manage your Trusted Devices.

  4. Customize your StickyAccount

    Take all the advantages of Sticky Password and turn it into your convenient and protected personal space. There are some additional tools that help to store:

    • Bookmarks — have links to your favorite websites always at hand;
    • Secure Memos — replace paper notes that tend to be lost exactly when you need them by Secure Memos that are kept in perfect order in one place;
    • Shared passwordssecurely share access to the chosen accounts with your friends, relatives or colleagues;
    • Emergency contacts — make sure that the important information stored in your StickyAccount will be accessible to someone you trust in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  5. Learn more about online StickyAccount and how to manage it.

    In the Menu -> Settings you can change language, add new browsers, enable/ disable autofill, choose the sync option and make other customizations according to your preferences and needs.

    Your device can be changed, lost or broken, your favorite browser may fail to work or you may be using another one, but all the important data that is kept in your StickyAccount will remain safe and at hand whenever you need it.

    Any questions? Reach us at [email protected]


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