Sticky Password Preferences on Your Mac


Today, we’ll take a look at Sticky Password preferences on your Mac.

You'll need to be logged in to Sticky Password to access the preferences menu. Now, click Sticky Password in the application bar and select Preferences...


The Sticky Password preferences dialog appears. Lets go through the tabs one by one:

Account tab

  1. In the first part of the Account tab, you can see your Account name (this is your email address, AKA your StickyID), License type and expiration date.

  2. Alternative email: Enter an e-mail address here only if you would like to have all communication - including any one-time PINs - associated with your Sticky Password Account sent to an e-mail address different from your StickyID e-mail address. When you enter an email address here, all communication will be sent to the alternate address, and NO communication will be sent to your StickyID email.

  3. If you click Remove all the stored data, all your data (passwords, identities, bookmarks, secure memos) will be deleted from your Mac.


Sync tab

  1. Synchronize with cloud every: This option allows you to set up how often your Sticky Password database will be synchronized with your encrypted database in the cloud. This applies only when the Cloud synchronization option has been selected.

  2. Synchronization: In this section you can set up your Synchronization preferences. Synchronization between your various devices is performed either via the secure Sticky Password cloud or locally via your local Wi-Fi.

Select Cloud synchronization to have your encrypted database seamlessly and securely synced on all your devices, and backed up via our secure cloud servers. Sticky Password always synchronizes and backs up the encrypted database! Your database is accessible only to you, and is only accessible on your devices.

By selecting Local over Wi-Fi you can sync your devices with each other using only your local network or Wi-Fi. Syncing takes place over your Wi-Fi – your encrypted database never goes out to the cloud. When syncing over Wi-Fi, you'll be prompted to select the authorized device that you would like to sync with.

By selecting No sync, your encrypted database never leaves your device.


Browsers tab

Here you can install the available autofill plugins for your browsers. Detailed information about the autofill plugins can be found in our previous tutorials for Google Chrome and Safari.


Security tab

  1. Autolock: Here you can set the Autolock feature. Sticky Password will lock after a set amount of time of inactivity on your Mac.

  2. By clicking Change Master Password you can change your Master Password. Note that the next time you access Sticky Password on other devices, you will use your old password. After logging in, Sticky Password will be prompt you to enter your new Master Password the first time it attempts to synchronize the local database with the database stored in the cloud, after which you'll continue to use your new Master Password.

  3. Delete password from clipboard after: this option allows you to set the amount of time after which Sticky Password automatically deletes from the clipboard any passwords that have been copied to it by Sticky Password.


That’s all for today, now you are able to change the Sticky Password preferences to suit your needs.

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